Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thou Shall Enjoy the Last Week of DOUG on NICKELODEON! ;(

Yes, it's a VERY sad week for Doug lovers :( Bufflington's head honcho in charge (hear that ROGER!) will be disappearing from our TV sets on SEPTEMBER 5 to "make room" for other shows. For whatever reason I don't know, but we must make the best out of any bad situation & enjoy our final week of Doug! 

This week I will be featuring as many stories as possible featuring Funnie & the gang so be on the look out for those!

Hopefully this isn't a goodbye entirely & they'll realize what a mistake they've made and re-add DOUG to the line up!
OR MAYBE they'll create an all 90's Nickelodeon channel!


  1. Why is it that you have no comments on your insightful blog posts?people should appreciate some1 recognizing how great the 90s are in comparison with todays trash

  2. Right?! I totally agree! With time hopefully people won't be so shy to comment! Thank you for all your support, you're awesome! :)