Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Year's VMA's Paying Lifetime Tribute to 90's ICON Britney Spears!

Say what you want about her, BRITNEY SPEARS IS THE BEST THING TO COME OUT THE 90'S!!!
AND I'll stand by that statement forever! 
There will always only be ONE Britney Spears, although MANY have tried (and failed.)
Most people were quick to write her off in the nineties as just a pop fad, and assumed her career wouldn't have any longevity. 
Sure she may not of had the vocal range of her fellow 90's divas (Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston) 
HOWEVER, the girl can dance her freckin' ass off & will ALWAYS be the prettiest girl in the room! 

My infatuation began literally as soon as I saw the "Baby One More Time" video in the 90's! THAT WAS ALL IT TOOK! I'VE BEEN HOOKED EVER SINCE!!!
She possesses a certainly ability to look into a camera and own it like NO OTHER.
Even til' this day that hasn't changed! It's called BEING A FIERCE ASS BITCH.

Into the new millennium her celebrity reached universal heights. Making her a household name, not only in America, but the ENTIRE WORLD!!
Her look and music matured as well, with people already comparing her to Madonna early in her career....Spears decided to take a hiatus from the chaos that followed her and made a new life for herself. For whatever reason she married professional SLACKER and former back up dancer Kevin Federline and they created 2 beautiful boys together, Sean Preston & Jayden James. 

I would NEVER say getting married & having children was a bad career move for anyone, because having children is honestly one of the most precious gifts God can give you. (I don't have any.) and if you can find TRUE LOVE more power to you! However, I will say that with marriage/divorce & motherhood we entered a new phase of Britney.
A newly divorced Britney (*sigh of relief*) embarked on a comeback that was 4 years in the making. Britney's chaotic life (or the time she decided to shave her head) was overshadowing the release of her best album to date, her 2007 comeback album "BLACKOUT". 
  Britney decided to very little promotion for the album with the exception of another UNFORGETTABLE VMA PERFORMANCE (FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE.) and one very bizarre phone interview with Ryan Seacrest, but the album still went on to debut at #2 on the charts!
In a bizarre twist of events Spear's children were taken away from her and she was put under a conservatorship where she's remained until this very day :( She's the only celebrity I believe to condemned and put under one. For those of you who are not familiar with what a conservatorship is,
it's basically like being a minor again & having your family control every aspect of your life. 
(Being able to have a cell phone/asking to withdrawal your OWN money...etc)
I realize that this was an extremely dark period in her life, but from a musical standpoint she was in the most control she'd ever been of her career/music & I think it definitely shows throughout the entire album. It's a well producer electro masterpiece from beginning to finish, and in my opinion way ahead of it's time. I believe it pioneered the electro pop sound that's a constant on our radio stations today.

After regaining custody of her children, Britney soon released her sixth album, 2008's "Circus", a more tamer pop counterpart to her last album. It definitely was a great pop record, but it was slow paced compared to the pulsating beats featured on "Blackout". However, the album/videos/singles were well received and Spear's went on her first tour since her 2004 "Onyx Hotel Tour". 
 I think this was a good recovery time for Britney, and the Circus album/tour was sort of like therapy for her. You definitely could see reflections of the 90's Britney we all knew, but she was more reserved in her movements. She is a mother now so I don't expect her to be gyrating across the stage like when she was 19, but she always delivers nonetheless.

 2011 has been a GREAT year for Britney fans with the release of her 7th studio album "Femme Fatale". We are seeing Britney finally find her confidence on stage once again, and her music/videos are as innovative as ever! She appears to be happier than ever, both on stage as well as off. Maybe it has to do with the fact that she's found love in Jason Trawick, or maybe she's just reached the point in her life where she's starting to feel secure with her personal life as well her career again. 
The album has thus far produced three hit singles ("Hold It Against Me," "Till the World Ends" and "I Wanna Go." The singer is currently entertaining crowds all over the world with her amazing "Femme Fatale Tour", This FEMME FATALE doesn't seem to be losing her steam anytime soon!

So it only makes sense that MTV pays tribute to the princess of pop, right?!
Ryan Seacrest confirms:
Alongside Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, JANET JACKSON, Demi Lovato, Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj will be performing in the Britney Tribute. It's also rumored Madonna will be giving Britney the award! OMG!
Britney Spears has played a major role in the VMA's throughout her entire career. Delivering some of the best moments in VMA history. (Who could forget her kiss with Madonna, or the time she performed with a giant snake on her shoulders.)
Out of all her fellow 90's Mickey Mouse club cast-mates, Spears is STILL the most relevant and successful.
She's also appeared in movies & television since then, proving to her critics that she not only is a phenomenal musical entertainer, but she also has great comedic timing! She's almost like a super hero, balancing being a terrific mother in the daytime while leaving crowds in AWE every other night on tour. 
Being compared to Madonna is the ULTIMATE compliment, but the truth Britney created a whole new category for herself. Every single one of her music videos is nothing less than iconic, and I couldn't be more proud that she will be receiving the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD AT 29.
The only GREAT artists to receive this tremendous honor are other 90's icons: Madonna, Michael & Janet Jackson. 


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