Thursday, February 26, 2015

105th (Hello, hello)

Hello, hello! 

I felt like Snorlax would be the most appropriate way to start this post because yes....I've been in a mythical hibernation from all of you for far too long & for that I am sorry!!!!

The unfortunate truth is that in this ever growing modern age, where things are so instant & fast paced, even 90's kids gotta grow up or get trampled with the times. 

Don't fret darlings, I've gathered some great 90's gems along the way and will be sharing them with you as much as they come to mind.

For I, just like most of you, still long for the great memories of the 90s.

L O V E & L I G H T

Friday, February 8, 2013

NEW Powerpuff Girl EPISODES !!!

Apparent leaked image of the new revamped Powerpuff Girls. Buttercup visually more feisty than ever!
All is well in the world now that we have the soon to be return of Towns-ville's 3 baddest bitches: Blossom, Bubbles, & Buttercup!

A staple in 90's nostalgia culture, for the generation that was made of sugar & spice, the announce brings excitement to the 90's kids who loved the hit Cartoon Network show, which embraced feminism & the running theme of GIRL POWER which occurred throughout the 90's and early 2000's. 
  However, this time our beloved trio won't just be taking on the villians of Towns-ville, but the entire world! (let's get those damn North Koreans already hahaha JK)AND....THE ORIGINAL VOICES WILL BE RETURNING! So at least they're not messing up with the original formula, the only new added addition we know of so far is the music of Ringo Starr...
Hopefully this won't be like the revamped version of Beavis & Butthead that only lasted 1 season after losing it's steam eventually viewer wise. Here is the official statement from Cartoon Network:
The Powerpuff Girls Special: "Sugar, Spice and Everything a dash of mysterious Chemical X" were the essential ingredients that created Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup-also known as The Powerpuff Girls. This groundbreaking and Emmy®-winning series, created by Craig McCracken, ran on Cartoon Network from 1998-2005 and will soar again as a brand-new, redesigned and re-imagined CG special coming in 2013 where the trio of pint-sized super heroines will be called upon to rescue not just the city of Townsville, but the USA and the world! Featuring an original song "I Wish I Was A Powerpuff Girl" performed by Beatles legend Ringo Starr, who also portrays Townsville's most famous flamboyant mathematician, "Fibonacci Sequins," this all-new original special comes from a powerhouse creative team featuring animation talent from around the globe including acclaimed director Dave Smith and award-winning art director Kevin Dart and is produced by Cartoon Network Studios in association with UK's Passion Pictures. The special also features the original voice cast reprising their iconic roles and will premiere later this year.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

Doug Funny gets a banjo for Christmas while his buddy Pork Chop receives the latest mp3 player. Judy Funny gloating over her new stylish French beret.

Have yourself a very fabulous 90's 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

OH NO, Hocus Pocus 2 WITHOUT Original Cast?!?!

The news broke recently that Disney may be quietly developing a sequel to the 1993 Halloween cult classic titled, Hocus Pocus 2: Rise of the Elderwitch.

At first I was super stoked to think we'd be seeing Bette Midler & Sarah Jessica Parker (I didn't forget the chubby one either!) hop on their broomsticks one last time, however I don't think that will be the case :( :(
Rumor has it that they'll be casting an entirely new set of people. The only thing I'm excited for is the possibility that Disney could decided to film it where I live, they've filmed quite a few movies in New Mexico in recent years, and I definitely think we have the backdrop for that sorta movie.

Any who movie buffs, thought I'd share & would love your opinion on all of this?! Are you excited or tired of Hollywood's constant remaking of classic movies that shouldn't be re-made in the first place?!

ALL GROWN UP: All That's Josh Server

Some say age is just a number, some say to act your age & not your shoe size. Some of us age gracefully & get better with time, like a fine wine or cheese ;) ahaha While some of us fade into the background, into obscurity.

The point I'm getting at, is that for 33, Josh Server has aged wonderfully into a very handsome grown man. His baby face that we all grew up watching has disappeared, however we now get a more sophisticated Josh than before :)

Here's some pictures from Josh's most recent photoshoot & you can follow him on twitter @Josh_Server

What do you think, better before or now?!

1 Earth Year Later...

It's been exactly one year since I started this blog & even though I've strayed away from being able to update it consistently, my web traffic has not decreased & for that I'm truly grateful to anyone who has taken the time to read my posts, and to those who have left comments ;) I will be trying to refresh my blog with all kinds of 90's goodness soon, for I still have a huge passion for 90's nostalgia & everything 90's.Lately I've found myself watching TONS of old 90's commercials & basking in the memories :) I also find that there's a tremendous amount of 90's television on TV right now & I'm definitely loving it! (that is for us fortunate enough to have cable ;)Any who, thought I'd catch up with all of you! I'm currently filming a Disney movie!! You know the one with Johnny Depp?! I'm sure you know the name *drumroll* The Lone Ranger!!! Woo!! Besides filming in the hot desert with tons of layers of authentic 1800's clothing all summer, I've also been working on signing with an agency, finishing my album, and collaborating with a bunch of fabulous photograhers for my portfolio!! I'll be turning 22 this year, so this is the year I prove to myself & the world that I have the chops to bring home the bacon baby!!! KICK ASS CAPTAIN PLANET STYLE!!! Ahahaha

God Bless you, where in this world you are ;)



Monday, January 16, 2012

2011: The Year of Nostalgia

"If every generation has a moment where they adopt a rose-colored perspective of the people and pop culture of its past, the 20-somethings had their turn in 2011." -CNN

Those who came of age in the '80s and '90s now span the demographic that's exiting college or creeping into their 30s. As they do so, various cultural outlets are recreating or referencing the TV shows, movies, fashion and music on which they were raised.
This year, we were reacquainted with the staccato giggles of the animated "Beavis and Butt-Head," which returned to MTV after originally appearing on the network from 1993 to 1997. And then, in perhaps the biggest TV flashback, was TeenNick 's weekly late-night block of programming, "The '90s Are All That."

At the box office, 1994's "The Lion King" was re-released in 3-D in September, and we can now expect 1991's "Beauty and the Beast" and 1989's "The Little Mermaid" to be theatrically re-released in 3-D as well.
It's the same deal with James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster "Titanic," which will also be back in theaters in 3-D in the spring. Not to mention "The Muppets" being dusted off for another theatrical jaunt this year, courtesy of "How I Met Your Mother" star Jason Segel (a series that thrives on the theme of nostalgia and looking back).
This year was kind to the musicians of the '90s, as NKOTBSB -- the supergroup made up of New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys -- pulled in $40 million with their tour, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
And if that wasn't enough, the very depiction of '90s whimsy, Lisa Frank, has added clothing to its swath of school supplies. Of course, they'd be remiss to not have adult sizes.
It seems that while the kids have grown up, a lot of the culture that surrounds them hasn't.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I sincerely apologize to all my fellow 90's kids for the lack of updates in months. I don't currently have a stable internet connection, and I've still been working on finishing up my debut album, "Chameleon." as well as many other things!
I realize a lot has changed in 90's Nostalgia-Land, and I'm aware of Nickelodeon's now sporadic line up, however I haven't had a chance to really catch up on it. I have watched the new Beavis & Butthead though & I'll be sure to post my opinions on it very soon! Thank you to all my readers that continue to support my blog! Hope you all had a wonderfully FAT thanksgiving :) 
I look forward to posting a lot more often in the future.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Are You Afraid of The Dark/Aaahh!!! Real Monsters ALL OCTOBER?!

Wouldn't it be fitting if starting October 7th, if Nickelodeon gave us the option to VOTE for ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK/Aaahh!!! Real Monsters every week of October?!
As of now Nickelodeon has been very vague about the shows we'll be able to vote for during "UPick With Stick", but if anyone at Nickelodeon has any kind of sense whatsoever they'll realize what a great idea this is & seize the opportunity to make us 90's kids happy tricker treaters!
Of course it'll still be up to us to VOTE for the shows we wanna see, but their in charge of the content that's up for voting so let's keep our fingers crossed someone at Nickelodeon gets wind of this!
If you are unfamiliar with what UPick with Stick is, click here to find out!