Thursday, August 11, 2011

If Skeeter is BLACK...


Doug is obviously white, 
and Patty obviously was hitting the tanning beds in the 90's!!
Doug's sister, Judy, was deep & EMOtional before it was the thing to be!

Arnold's parents obviously booked it once they saw that big o'l foot ball head cause he lived with his grandparents!

You'd think living in the city you'd be able to get your eyebrows waxed for a moderate price, but I guess that wasn't the case! Helga rocked her unibrow with pride! ahaha IMAGINE if she had the facebook & twitter in the 90's!! She'd never leave poor Arnold alone! :)
You know Jerald is somewhere right now in the inner city lighting up a doobie!!! haha
Kenan is on SNL telling unfunny jokes (not his fault though he doesn't write them.)
Kel is probably trying to hustle some crack to Jarold in the inner city! ahahaha

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