Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Whom it Concerns...We ALL Have THOSE Days!

For the most part I've received nothing but amazing feedback on this site, but unfortunately not everybody is gonna dig it & THAT'S FINE, EVERYONE'S ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION!!! 
That's exactly what platforms like Facebook & Twitter are for though, getting your opinion out there. (correct me if I am wrong.)
So those of you who report my posts & claim I am a spammer trying to get money from ad clicks are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!
I made this blog because I have a passion for the 90's (obviously), it was a great decade full of memories & it's fun to re-live them through blogging. 
Not for any other reason, so if you don't like my posts on facebook BLOCK ME. 
It's quite simple. REALLY.
And for those people who have shown my blog overwhelming support, thank you :)
It's so much fun being able to interact with the 90's nostalgia community,
and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! :)


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