Saturday, August 6, 2011

90's Babe of the Day: Xena Warrior Princess

The 90's babe of the day is dedicated to the one & only Xena Warrior Princess! Her actual name is Lucy Lawless and she's from New Zealand, but has managed to have a good career here stateside! 
Xena was originally a character that appeared in the nineties show, "Hercules"
However, after such a great response from viewers to her character she was given her own spin off  show which went on to become hugely successful!
There was a lot of controversy at the time over whether or not Xena was in a lesbian relationship with her sidekick on the show, Gabrielle. Mainly because there was a lot of scenes that involved them kissing for whatever reason. It is still unknown today.  
After the show wrapped Lucy went on to pursue various projects, but was never able to surpass the iconic role she took on with "Xena Warrior Princess".
I personally was OBSESSED with this show!! I'd run around in my underwear shouting out my Xena battle cry! (insert ROFLMAO here.)
I wish they would show the reruns on TV cause rarely is there a show with a badass chick kicking ass that isn't cheesy!