Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Ever Happened to Kel?!

Kel Mitchell was on Nickelodeon's All That during the late 1990's, but he seems to have disappeared since then. So what ever happened to Kel Mitchell? 

Kel Mitchell was featured on Nickelodeon's All That from 1994 through 1999. All That was our favorite sketch comedy show that aired for ten years beginning in 1994, and that was geared towards young adults. The show landed Kel & his partner in crime Kenan a spin off show titled, "Kenan & Kel"  which went on to become hugely successful! 
As well as the hit 90's movie "Good Burger" which was based off sketches of All That. 

According to Wikipedia, Kel Mitchell has done each of the following since leaving Nickelodeon:
1. Provided the voice of T-Bone the dog in the excellent kids show, Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000-2003).
2. Appeared in Kanye West's music video All Falls Down (2004).
3. Played the part of Manny Sellers in One on One, a sitcom (2005).
4. Starred in the series Take the Cake on BET (2007).
5. Produced Chicago Pulaski Jones, which he wrote and starred in (2008).
6. Acted in two stage shows, Affairs and Laundromat (2008). 

So, Kel Mitchell is apparently still doing some acting, but his gigs have been few and scattered. 
Maybe he has a problem getting typecasted, or maybe now that their playing re-runs of his old shows at night he'll be able to catch a second breath in his career. 
Just look at Betty White, she's more popular then ever!
Either way there is no reason Kel shouldn't be on Saturday Night Live like his former co star! 
We all know the man can make us laugh! :)  

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