Thursday, September 15, 2011

Subliminal Messages in Our 90's Cartoons: Rugrats, PRO FEMINIST FAMILIES?!?!

Rugrats is pro feminist families...HERE IS THE PROOF:
  • Mrs. Pickles is the educated breadwinner, Stu often chasing his less profitable dreams
  • Phil & Lil’s mom Betty DeVille, obvs (short hair, female symbol sweatshirt, clear second waver, OBVIOUS LESBIAN)
  • Charlotte, ballbusting CEO who wants Angelica to have an edge in a male-privileged world
  • Suzie’s family, upper-middle class black family with a really accomplished mom
  • Chaz, sensitive single dad who childrears and has rejected traditional masculinity
Pretty obvious, right? Although, there is NOTHING wrong with women running the household! Whatever works best for the family, in my opinion ;) I just found this rather interesting! I wonder if it was done intentionally! Hmm :)