Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tommy Pickles & Buttercup SAME VOICE?!?!

This is the voice actor that played the voice of not only Nickelodeon's Tommy Pickles on the Rugrats, but she also voiced Buttercup of Cartoon Networks, The Powerpuff Girls!
Isn't it crazy how some of our favorite characters are voiced by the same person?! Was this something you kinda already thought, and do you think it takes talent to voice cartoons?!

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  1. I already knew this, even back in the day! =) You can even tell that they sound the same alot of the time, but Tommy sounded more like Buttercup around season 4 of Rugrats and so on and so forth!

    I think EG Daily is incredibly talented, I also have her as a friend on Facebook and is definitely one of the friendliest people in the voice acting business! ^^!- Zac Lane-Super