Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All That Characters That STILL SCARE ME!!!

Characters That... 
STILL          SCARE ME!!!
Basically I LOVE me some All That, but I STILL get SCARED by some the characters played on the show! (insert ROFLMAO here.) 
I'm writing this post in hopes that I'm not the only one! ahaha.

Whenever Katrina plays MR. PEROT, I almost always forget she's in character or a woman! IT ALMOST SCARES ME!
I don't know it's the southern accent or that honker of a nose, or if she's just a really good actress, but these skits always give me the chills! 

EAR BOY & Pizza Face
Just the other day, I was in a Halloween shop & I saw these GIANT EARS & I immediately was like "WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE THESE, OR WEAR THEM EWW?!" 
My friend replied, "MAYBE FOR AN ELF COSTUME?"
Which in hindsight makes sense, but either way I just don't like the way it looks for some reason. Maybe I'm just a weirdo ahaha
I don't like Pizza Face for the obvious reasons!!  ahaha
(I'll never be able to look at pizza the same again.) ;)

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