Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Simple Joy's of the 90's GONE TODAY

This post is dedicated to the simple things that use to bring us joy in the 90's that are no longer around today by yours truly :) 

The Joy of Movie Rental Stores

Before we had the leisure of services like Netflix & Redbox, you'd wander the aisles of Blockbuster or Hollywood Video with your friends looking for the movie with the coolest cover or an old movie you hadn't seen before. Today our choices are limited to new releases, and the option of renting things from the past is very limited. In current day, most movie rental stores have closed due to the popularity of services like Netflix & Redbox thus putting an end to the joy of movie renting. 

Formal Communication

Before cell phones became hugely popular in the early 00's, if a boy wanted to ask you to hang out he would have to call your home phone and there could be a possibility he'd have to ask your folks if you were there before you could pick up! haha. Boy has texting made everything a lot simpler, but at the same time it's killed the era of formal communication. These days you could think you know somebody over text, and have no connection whatsoever with them in person. It's really hard to tell someone's emotions through texting which can lead to things easily getting misconstrued, where as through verbal communication you can usually always tell how someone is feeling, but at least your parents can't pick up the other line and listen to your conversations anymore! Although, we can all look forward to getting ear cancer thanks to our cellular devices now! (insert sarcasm here)

The Death of the Music Store. 

Personally, I use to spend a lot of my youth in mall music stores looking for CD's! Whether I was flipping through the posters or getting the latest pop CD, the music store was definitely the place where everyone went! As connection speeds started to increase in the early 00's, it became surprisingly fast & easy to download music illegally off the internet with services such as Napster & LimeWire, making the days of opening up a CD and hanging the artwork on your walls over. These days most people download their music through iTunes or still illegally. CD's are still made to sell. However, the days of CD's selling millions of copies are extremely rare, and the record companies have suffered tremendously as well as many music stores having to close their doors. 

Empty shelves, chapters closed.

These days sites like Amazon and eBooks & blogs are all the rage, leaving bookstores I grew up in like Borders having to file for bankruptcy. Similar to movie & music stores...without places like this variety and the surprise of finding something expected is extremely limited. The joy of grabbing a coffee and indulging in a book or magazine with only having to buy the coffee is looking pretty bleak these days. 

The Future of Video Game Consoles Questioned

Throughout the 90's and into the 00's, video game consoles have been a staple in households. Whether you were team Mario or team Sonic, or you were ripping heads off in Mortal Kombat with your buddies. Video games were a huge part of any 90's kids childhood. So it saddens me today that analysts predict video game consoles to die out very soon due to the increased popularity of facebook games, and mobile games like Angry Birds. The video game industry hasn't suffered nearly as much as the music or the movie industry when it comes to privacy or profit, but that's not to say it's been a joyride for them either. Considering the fact that we're currently in a recession,
American's definitely have different priorities these days. 

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