Tuesday, July 19, 2011

90's Babe of the Day: Becky Conner's Man Mark Healy

The 90's babe of the day is dedicated to Glenn Quinn or better known in the 90's as Becky Conner's main squeeze Mark Healy on the cult hit "Roseanne."

He played the bad boy greaser that Roseanne didn't want her daughter to be taken over, but with a face like that who could blame her! Mr. Conner hired Mark to work at their bike shop, but eventually they eloped behind her parents back, and at one point moved into a trailer home (insert ROFLMAO here ;P) ahahaha

The couple then moved into Becky's parents come where they remained for the rest of the series. 

The Conner girls apparently liked to keep in the family cause Becky's sister ended up marrying & having a baby with Mark's little bro, David Healy. hahaha.     

Oddly enough, Glenn played an American on TV. He was actually Irish and had a heavy accent! 

After the show wrapped he played a half-demon in the show "Angel."

Photographs really don't do the man justice! If you were a fan of the show you know what I'm talking about! He was definitely yummy :) 

SAD FACT: Glenn died of a heroin overdose in 2002 :( His body was found on the couch of a friend he was visiting in North Hollywood, California.


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