Sunday, July 17, 2011

90's Kid's Rejoice! The 90's Are All That!

Life has never been better for us 90's kids exactly 9 DAYS Nickelodeon will be bringing back a chunk of our childhood with a block of programming dubbed, "The 90's Are All That!" 

Rumor has it that Nickelodeon's ratings have been less than stellar ever since they changed from their beloved cartoon format to well...crap like iCarly & "Big Time Rush" (insert ROFLMAO here.)

Rumor also has it that if the block of programming does well, Nickelodeon will ask the studios that created our beloved shows to make new episodes! I'm not too sure if that's a good idea considering the length of time the shows have been off the air, and any time it's been done in the past it hasn't faired well. 
Personally, I'm totally content with watching the older stuff! :) 

Included in the return are Ren & Stimpy, All That, Doug, Rugrats, Kenan & Kel and Hey Arnold! JUST to name a few!

It's a rare instance when a network actually listens to it's audience so if you're a 90's kid and you've been needing your nostalgia fix, be sure to tune in July 25th at midnight!

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