Monday, July 18, 2011

1994: What's the internet?

These days it's hard to believe that anyone in America doesn't know about the internet, but in 1994 that was just the case for most. Need proof? Here's a very VINTAGE clip from NBC's "Today" show, where there is a little confusion regarding just what the internet is! hahaha. 

In the early nineties the concept of a "giant computer network" used to communicate with others was quite hard to grasp. These days it's how news breaks, people communicate with loved ones, and a great way to voice your opinion about literally whatever you feel like!

It's also made some richer quicker than ever before!

We are now more accessible than ever, with most of us not being able to have an excuse for not keeping in touch because we have so many platforms to do so.

HOWEVER, how could any 90's kid forget AOL chat rooms?! Without a doubt, America Online in the nineties was the most popular way to communicate with people! The annoying dial up noises we'd all have to endure before hearing the little AOL man say, "Welcome, YOU'VE GOT MAIL!!" 

Awe, how we all miss the speed of dial up...NOT!!! haha. BUT...
I do miss giving tarot card readings to randoms in the PSYCHIC rooms that use to be under the LIFE category!! 
Who could forget the little disks we'd get in the mail or in our local grocery store?! 

<-- This broad sure doesn't! haha. 

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