Friday, July 22, 2011

90's Babe of the Day: Kelly Bundy

The 90's babe of the day is dedicated to Christina Applegate OR better known as Kelly Bundy from the hit show "Married with Children." 

I found her character as the dumb blonde daughter of Al Bundy very relatable! ahaha! =D Kelly was a man eater & inspiring actress...something we both have in common! ahaha! She was into the the bad boy type, and her parents were into the gifts her admirers would shower her with (like steak for instance.) ahaha!
Christina Applegate went on to become a successful actress in real life. Some would even argue she did the best out of the cast after the show wrapped. I couldn't think of a better 90's babe than Ms. Applegate herself!

SAD FACT: In 2008 Christina Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer =( They had to remove one of her breasts, but thankfully she is living cancer free today! 


  1. The holy Kelly Bundy in the first church of the holy Al Bundy

  2. Daddy, you know I haven´t worn pantyhose since I was seven. =)

  3. I love it :) Thank you for the comment love!